Economics Department

Faculty and Staff

The Department currently has seven permanent faculty members, having research and teaching interests that span a broad range of areas within micro- and macroeconomics.

Full-Time Faculty

Full-time Faculty Profiles

Myong-Hun Chang
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
Industrial Organization, Microeconomic Theory, Applied Game Theory, Computational Economics, Competitive Strategy
PabloGarofalo Pablo Garofalo
Assistant Professor - Visiting
JintaeKim Jintae Kim
Assistant Professor - Visiting
Aycan Koksal
Ph.D., North Carolina State University
College Associate Lecturer
Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics, Environmental Economics
Vasilios Kosteas
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Chair and Associate Professor
International Economics, Labor Economics, Development Economics
Phuong V. Ngo
Ph.D., Boston University
Assistant Professor
Macro/Money, Household Finance, Development, Computation
Sheldon H. Stein
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
Associate Professor
Macroeconomics, Money & Financial Institutions, Economics of Education
Edward B. Bell
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Associate Professor Emeritus
Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Forensic Economics
Jon D. Harford
Ph.D., Stanford University
Associate Professor Emeritus
Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, Economics of Law, Microeconomics
Vijay Mathur
Ph.D., Wayne State University
Professor Emeritus
Urban and Regional Economics , International Economics, Economics of Crime, Microeconomic Theory
Douglas O. Stewart
Ph.D., The University of Michigan
Associate Professor Emeritus
Public Finance, Economics of Healthcare, Consumer Economics
Allan J. Taub
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Associate Professor Emeritus
Econometrics, Forensic Economics, Money & Banking
Glenda Carbaugh
Administrative Secretary
James Maher
Engineering major, Student worker for the Department of Economics