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Editing room



G27-G33 Lower Studio Area-Ground level

G27-G28 - ADR/Foley/Scoring Studio and Control Room

- 24 input Mackie digitalXbus audio mixer, Avid Xpress Pro 5.6 editing system, Adobe Audition

G29 Editing Classroom

- Avid Media Composer 7, AvidFX, AvidDVD, Adobe CS6

G29A Authoring Classroom

- 1 Sonic Solutions DVD Creator system with real time encoding, proofing and multi-format I/O.

G30 TV Control and Classroom

- Raised seating for 18 overlooking control room, with computer and video projection display.
- Grass Valley 110 video switcher, 15 monitor bridge, Clearcom IC, teleprompter, Strand lighting control, 15 input Arrakis MARC-15 audio mixer, Yamaha digital audio effects.

G31 Main Studio Area

- 30'x40' sound proofed studio area, 16 foot lighting grid, 360 cyclorama track with curtain, Chroma Key walls, 2 teleprompters, 3 Sony DXC-35WS 16 X 9 Studio cameras, Clearcom intercoms, prop building area, A/V monitoring.


G32 Dressing room

-20'x10' room with full length mirror and table. Attached bathroom with shower

G33 Master Control

-VTR and monitoring bridge consisting 2-DVCPRO-DV AJ- D455, 2-SP Betacam, 1-SP Umatic with Dynamic Tracking, and 3-DVD/SVHS recorders; Sony CCUs, Panasonic and Tektronix QC monitoring, Leitch News Flash video server, and machine to machine editing of all formats. Pinnacle Deko1000 Character Generator, SnapStream Enterprise Server, 20x10 Grass Valley router, and 16mm to videotape telecine.

G34 Storage and Maintenance Room

Storage space for HD and SD multi-camera remote flypacks, HD and SD cameras, audio mixers, wireless microphones and intercoms and cabling.
-2 Panasonic AG-DVC 200 3 chip DV Camcorders
-1 Panasonic AG-HVX 200 3 chip DVCProHD P2 Camcorder
-2 Panasonic AG-HPX 170 3 chip DVCProHD P2 Camcorders
-3 Focus Enhancements FS-100 DVCProHD DTE Recorders
-2 Panasonic AG-AF100A Digital Cine Cameras (link to vol. 2)
-2 Canon EOS C-100 Digital Cine Cameras
-2 Black Magic Cinema Camera, with MFT mount
-4 JVC GY-HD250 3 chip HDV Camcorders
-1 Panasonic AV-HS300 HD switcher in flypack with Marshall monitors
-1 Panasonic AW-SW350 SD switcher in flypack with Marshall monitors
-1 Convergent Design Flash XDR HD Recorder
-3 Geffen HD-PVR HD Recorders
-3 Sennheiser EW 100G2 Wireless Microphine systems
-5 Telex TR-24 Digital Wireless Intercoms plus Telex BTR24 Base Station
-7 Eartec TD 900 Analog Wireless Intercoms
-tripods, lighting, microphones, and miscellaneous grip gear

MU111 - MU123 First floor Suites

MU111 Avid Non Linear Editing - DVD production lab

-10 Avid Media Composer 5.5 plus Adobe CS6 Suite and 2 Avid Xpress Pro 5.6 editing systems, with Panasonic and Sony DV VCRs, Windows 7 workstations with DVD burners, Photoshop and Avid DVD. An introduction to Avid editing for Com 204 is available here.


MU 113 Avid Non Linear Editing - DVD production lab - Digital Audio Editing

-4 Avid Xpress Pro 5.6 editing systems, with Panasonic DV VCR, Windows XP workstations with DVD burners, Photoshop, Avid DVD and Cool Edit 2000 digital audio editing. An Avid XPress Tutorial can be found at

MU 114 Faculty Avid Non Linear Editing - DVD production lab - Digital Audio Editing

-Avid Media Composer editing system, with JVC HDV VCR, HP workstation with DVD burner, Avid DVD and Adobe CS6 Production Premium.

MU 116-118 Digital-Analog Audio/Video/DVD Production suites

-Each room is fully self contained with Arrakis ACR-8 audio console, CD, cassette, turntables, reel to reel, computer workstations with Cool Edit 2000 and Audacity digital audio editing plus Avid Xpress Pro 5.6 video editing, Photoshop and Avid DVD. Cool Edit instructions for Com 204 can be found here. Equipment specifics are here.

MU 120 Equipment check out and reservation room

-6 Panasonic AG-HMC80 3 chip HD Camcorders (Advanced Guide for HMC80)
-3 Panasonic AG-DVX100 3 chip DV Camcorders
-3 Panasonic AG-DVX100B 3 chip DV Camcorders
-10 Tascam DR-07 digital audio field recorders
-5 Bolex H16 film cameras
-1 Arri BL film camera
-1 Arri 16SR film Camera
-1 Cinema Products CP 16 Super 16 film camera
-1 Nagra 4.2 sync sound recorder
-2 Marantz CDR-310 digital sync sound recorder
-2 Tascam DR-680 digital multitrack sync cound recorder
-2 Tascam DR-60d digital multitrack sync cound recorder
-tripods, lighting, microphones, and miscellaneous grip gear

MU 124 editing reserved for entry level students that have not taken COM 204

-2 Immix VideoCubes, real-time non-linear editing systems with Macintosh Power PCs
-DVD and miniDV viewing and dubbing station





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