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Shirts and hats are some of the prizes, but the big prize was a parking pass.


December 11th, 2017

Parking raffle raises money for students

The Cleveland State 1964 Society hosted a parking pass raffle Tuesday, Nov. 29 in the Student Center Atrium, with proceeds going to the Students Helping Students fund.

Mac Lewis, pride and traditions manager for the 1964 Society, explained how the raffle participants’ donations will help their fellow students.

“Money that goes toward the raffle tickets will go toward one of our early events next semester,” Lewis said. “For a lucky student in the bookstore, we surprise them and pay for their textbooks, but it’s really the students who are paying for the textbooks.”

The Students Helping Students fund also supports the 1964 Society’s “Straight A Sweets” events.

Members hand out baked goods with motivational quotes to students during testing weeks.

Lewis said the inspiration for the raffle event was to create camaraderie and building a sense of community on campus.

Jennifer Vasu, a junior pharmaceutical sciences major, won the Green parking pass and was very excited.

“I was worried about how I was going to pay for the parking pass this Friday,” Vasu said. “This just made my week and finals week a lot less stressful.”

Vasu added that her spring semester is off to a good start now and that winning the raffle means a lot to her.

The society also awarded smaller prizes, such as T-shirts, coffee mugs and plastic Viking helmets.

The 1964 Society will host the next parking pass raffle during the spring semester, with the money being used for another bookstore giveaway in the fall.


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