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'Engaged learning' isn't just a slogan

December 1, 2011

BY Victoria Davis

There are many ways to get involved at Cleveland State University. CSU students have the opportunity to be engaged in various activities during each semester.

Engaged learning at CSU means connecting students, ideas and real world experiences. Student organizations, co-ops, internships, community programs, are some ways students connect their knowledge from the classroom to their career fields and communities.

An example of this is, CSU Alumnis Tom Kotula and Jon Hauserman, who took a 2,000 mile voyage from Cleveland to the Florida Keys after using their mechanical engineering knowledge to convert a small sailboat to a solar powered rowboat. Along the journey they stopped to do volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Students are excited about taking advantage of the various opportunities available on campus. Not only are the opportunities educational but also enjoyable.

“My favorite thing about CSU is the campus activities. You can get involved around campus and just have a good time, said Reggie Moore, Freshman, Accounting Major.

Some students enjoy Greek life. Cleveland State is home to nine nationally recognized fraternities and six sororities as well as local sororities and fraternities.

“My favorite thing about CSU is XDE!” (sorority), said Monica Battaglia, psychology major.

CSU offers resources such as tutoring. TASC and the writing center are two that get frequent traffic.

“I like the fact that they give so many resources , like the writing center, and math help,” said Alivia Hardges, communications major. “The teachers also make subjects interesting that I normally wouldn’t like.

The recreation center is popular among students. Students of CSU are eligible to use the recreation center as long as they are enrolled in one academic credit hour during the semester.

“I like the rec., the way its put together compared to other colleges-they’re not on that level, said Rickey Holton, civil engineering major”.

Local businesses are also attractive to CSU students. Students often enjoy  restaurants conveniently located near campus.

“ I like The Rascal House and the little restaurants like Johnny’s Deli”, said Emanuel Nazario, health sciences/physical therapy major.

Another pro is the environment. With the demands associated with college,  students don’t want to be in a stressful environment.

“CSU has a relaxed atmosphere. It’s not always “rush, rush”, said Bryan Yost, Pre-Pharmacy major.