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0ct. 31, 2007

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Student awarded national science scholarship

By Jennifer Brainard

Michael Bukys, a CSU student pursuing a doctorate in chemistry, was presented with the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation “Scientific Scholarship” last June.
The nationally competitive scholarship, awarded to students who excel in an area of research that potentially benefits the study of forensic science, encourages students to gain more knowledge in the field of science in the hope of further enhancing the world of criminal investigation.
A small number of universities are invited to apply for the scholarship and only one student across the nation is chosen as a representative of what students can achieve to improve law enforcement.
Bukys’s research on blood coagulation directly effects forensic science.
“I am very proud and honored to have received this scholarship,” said Bukys, who plans on working for a pharmaceutical company or doing research at a university after he graduates next semester.
According to Bukys, the scholarship will subsidize his college expenses.

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