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April 28, 2008

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Annual book sale is success

By Christina Sochacky

The CSU library just hosted its week-long annual National Library Week on April 13.
“National library week has been going on for several years now,” stated Barbara Florjancic, public relations and fundraising coordinator for the university library.
“We schedule events around the national library week theme such as the book sale that took place April 16. The book sale was a success this year and we managed to raise a few hundred dollars,” said Florjancic.
In addition to the annual book sale, the library has a daily book sale. The sale shelves are re-stocked weekly with a variety of used items including popular literature, textbooks and software that the library does not need for its collection.
Hardcover books, videos, CDs, software and vinyl albums are sold at $1.00 each while paperback books cost only 50 cents each.
The Friends of the Library at CSU is associated with the CSU library , however it is an independent organization. The purpose of this organization is to support CSU by sponsoring programs of interest to faculty, students and the general public. This program provides social and intellectual interaction between the university and the community.
The Friends of the Library donate books, manuscripts and money to strengthen the CSU library.
Proceeds that were made at the book sale went directly to the Friends of the Library.
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