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April 28, 2008

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Urban Affairs now offers 4+1 Program

By Mark Katzbach

A practice of many universities across the United States has come to Cleveland State. Combined undergraduate/graduate programs allow students to complete a sequence of courses to earn their undergraduate and graduate degree within five years.
The program, known as the 4+1 Program, is offered by the Levin College of Urban Affairs to students who wish to pursue undergraduate and master’s degrees in three disciplines: public administration, environmental studies and nonprofit administration and leadership.
“We have three such programs now that have been approved and will be available to undergraduate students who wish to pursue a BA and a master’s degree through these 4+1 offerings,” said Dr. Roberta Steinbacher, professor of Urban Studies in an e-mail.
The programs are available for students to enroll in as early as next fall. There are no students enrolled to date. “We went through all the university committees and are just waiting to advertise,” said Dr. Sanda Kaufman, director of the Master of Environmental Studies program.
Students, who submit an application, must have at least 90 credit hours, a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25, 40th percentile combined GRE scores, minimum grades in various classes in the Urban Affairs college and two faculty recommendation letters.
Students are encouraged to take cross-listed courses at the graduate level, which are counted toward their graduate degree even before a bachelor’s degree is awarded. A transitional summer semester brings a student to the completion of a BA, preparing to wrap up the graduate degree within two more semesters.
Kaufman said this program would encourage her students to take both undergraduate and graduate level environmental studies courses.
“It’s a particularly good fit,” Kaufman said.



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