February 27, 2008

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In addition to the supporters of the Democratic presidential
candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, supporters
of Republican candidate Ron Paul rallied for their candidates
near Wolstein Center. Photo by James Kneblik Jr.

Supporters flock the streets

By Mike Soltesz

The democratic debate at the Wolstein Center brought Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporters from far and near.
Brooke Robins, a Hillary supporter, traveled from her hometown of Santa Barbara, Calif., to campaign for her candidate.
Robins claimed that Clinton is about the people. She is also here because “making an educated decision about America is important.”
“I did research, and I saw Obama first, and then Hillary, and Hillary answered my questions,” she said. Brooke thinks that Clinton is the “best human” for the job because she is the only moderate candidate that represents the majority of the people.
Christopher Petro, a loyal Barack Obama supporter, came from Kalamazoo, Mich., to volunteer for the Obama campaign.
“I wanted to campaign for Obama in the primary because my home state did not get to voice our vote in our primary,” he said. “I support Obama because he is able to project a better and new “face” of America. He projects diversity.”
Petro also thinks that Obama would be a better candidate because Hillary is a polarizing figure. He believes that Obama has the communication skills to make change by compromising with the Republicans in Congress.
All the political signs were not for Obama and Clinton.
Edward Takacs of Mentor was seen on Prospect Avenue carrying a Ron Paul sign.
He was a registered Democrat who switched to Republican. He supports Paul because “he wants to bring all the kids (soldiers) home and he wants to end all wars.”
“I have kids and I don’t believe in wasting our money,” he said.
Takacs believes that Paul has the best economic plan of all the candidates and the experience needed for the presidency. “The man has 10 terms as a congressman in Texas,” he said.
He is also supporting Paul because he believes in smaller government.

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