February 27, 2008

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Clinton, Obama exchange blows
Story by Gavin Keenan

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
get ready for the debate.
Seen on left is Tim Russet and
on right is Brian Williams.
Photo by James Kneblik.

n CSU Pulls it off in 14 days -- James P. Kneblik Jr.
n Students divided over support for candidates -- Christina Sochacky
n No consensus of debate winner -- Mike Soltesz
n Obama Slammer or Hillary Hurricane? -- Bryn Riley
n Candidates just short of the cycle -- Francis X. Bova III
n Supporters flock the streets -- Mike Soltesz
n Debate party draws crowd -- Matthew Wilder
n Foreign media focuses on war, trade -- Jennifer Spike
n FBI, Secret Service supplement campus police -- Jayah J. Watters
n Debate boosts revenue -- Brandon Petitto
n Presidential candidates' CSU visit is not new -- Francis X. Bova III
n Michelle Obama rallies for husband -- James P. Knenlik and Mike Soltesz
n Chelsea Clinton pitches for mom -- Melanie Murphy and Jennifer Spike
n Celebrities campaign for Obama -- Kelly Martin
n Forest Whitaker visits CSU -- Christina Sochacky

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