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News June 14, 2006

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Homeless man breaks into CSU bookstore

By William Huffman

The CSU Bookstore at 2400 Euclid Ave. had an unexpected customer on June 4. Unexpected because the store is closed on Sundays.
A homeless man, Marvin Gibson of Cleveland, was found inside the bookstore, by CSU police officers and was taken into custody.
Officer Kevin Webb of the CSU Police Department said officers rushed to the bookstore after a motion alarm was set off shortly after 2:30 a.m.
Webb arrived at the scene to discover Gibson, 41, inside the bookstore. Once in custody officers took inventory of the theft. An assortment of men and women’s class rings valued at nearly $900 was found on Gibson. He also had a box of M&Ms candy.
He was attempted to steal a pink-handbag with straps, according to Webb.
Cleveland State has been dealing with a rash of break-ins in and around campus.
On the weekend of May-20, Department Secretary Patricia Carter’s office in the Music and Communication building was broken into. The thief made off with a computer; fax machine, a printer and a few other personal items.
Carter said, “All my information was on that computer and I want them to bring it back.” “They should put tracking devices in them (computers) like cell phones, so you can track them down,” she said. With an increase in theft, Carter believes a new system like this could protect all computers.


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