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At A Glance June 14, 2006

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Anthropology receives approval for new minor

By Angela Malloy

With the final approval of the Faculty Senate in spring, the Department of Anthropology will add a minor in Native American Studies to its fall programs.
The move will earn CSU the unique distinction of being the only university in Ohio to run a program that focuses on Native Americans.
Ohio State University has an active student group associated with Native Americans, but the university doesn’t have any program in its curriculum.
“I would like the minor to bridge a long standing gap between local communities,” said Dr. Jeffrey Williams, chair of Anthropology Department.
The Native American Studies will be an interdisciplinary program with three English classes and four History classes, and 13 Anthropology classes.
The minor will have a minimum of 20 credit hours.
According to Williams, Cleveland is home to many Native Americans who have left their reservations seeking economic opportunities.
There are several local communities surrounding Cleveland that have a number of dispersed Native Americans. The Department of Anthropology also has several opportunities for students to visit Native American reservations.
For more information, contact the department at (216) 687- 2414.

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