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Arts and Leisure June 14, 2006

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Photo By William Huffman

Made out of resin and steel, “Primal III,” a sculpture by Virgil Villers, is currently on exhibit at The Sculpture Center. The piece is part of the “Window to Sculpture” series located in Cleveland’s University Circle.

CSU art gallery hosts
alumni’s art works

Where can a student of sculpture display his/her work?
David E. Davis, sculptor and founder of The Sculpture Center, asked himself the same question. The result was “Window to Sculpture,” an exhibit that gives students a real opportunity to hold their own show. He believed it was important to nurture the careers of up and coming sculptors in Ohio.
The Cleveland State Art Gallery and The Sculpture Center is celebrating 15 years of “Window to Sculpture” by displaying sculptures from 31 different alumni.
“The exhibit has been quite popular,” said Crystal Gioitta, gallery volunteer. “The night before we opened we had a huge party to celebrate the exhibit. More than 200 people were here to support the gallery because this is also collaboration with The Sculpture Center.”
“Window to Sculpture” is a series of evocative solo exhibitions by emerging artists and is the centerpiece to The Sculpture Center. It serves as a lab to help the artist’s creative energy thrive.
The works include sculptures that range from a megaphone that is always cheering to Virgil Villers Primal III.
It is not everyday that an artist will have a piece featured in a gallery, let alone when they are students. CSU and The Sculpture Center offers great facilities for those students who wish to pursue art as a career or just a hobby.
It is a unique opportunity for the artist to learn and experience the accountability and responsibility that comes with having a full exhibition.
The artists curate their own show by choosing the work to be shown, deciding placement, and determining pricing. Gioitta said, “The gallery staff provides guidance throughout the experience in areas such as publicity, and visitor experience.”
Artists are able to display their creative works such as Dana Goodman’s “The Rambouillet That Discovered Tomatoes,” which can be viewed by many different angles by the visitor.
To date, 106 emerging sculptors have exhibited in either solo or two-person shows in the Window to Sculpture series.
The Sculpture Center is a non-profit arts organization located in Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood. It is now in its 15th year and continues to produce numerous sculptors that go on to lead successful careers.
Located on the northeast corner of E. 23rd Street and Chester Avenue, the CSU Art Gallery provides students the opportunity to experience real life in a gallery.
The gallery is open to the public this summer Thursday, 10- 5 p.m., Friday, 10- 5 p.m., and Saturday, noon- 4 p.m.

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