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Single mother balances two full-time jobs
Motherhood brings special meaning to the term full-time

Low income impacts college education
“Raise the Nation”developed to help single moms and dads finance, achieve college education

‘Super-mom’ masters juggling act
Political Science major tackles stressful life as student, mother and entrepreneur

Child care facility included in Master Plan
Cleveland State University is a diverse public university that serves to accommodate tradit-ional and non-traditional students with all sorts of needs from disabilities to financial assistance.

Confessions of a new student mom
Cleveland State student shares feelings about the birth of her first child

Childcare programs needed on campus
The counseling office located in Cleveland State University’s University Center is not a busy space.

CSU offers stress counseling for single parent students
Single parents who are also students don’t have just themselves to worry about.

Single mothers face high expectations
Dont panic, therapists give useful advice to help single moms retain their academic sanity

Help is there for low income students
It is important to begin the search for financial aid with FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid.) This will offer many grants and loans for low-income students.

Support services available for single parent students
It’s hard enough to be a college student these days, but being a single parent and a college student is even harder.

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