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July 22, 2004 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Volume 6, Issue 4

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Photo of Lakewood Faculty
Photo By Sean Payton

Patrick Halsey, news videographer for WKYC Channel 3 shoots images of Lakewood teachers (and Cleveland State University summer session students) Alisa Nazelli, Bill Rabel, Bryan Biermann and Lauren Flynn on Monday, July 19 for a segment on genetics that appeared on its July 21 newscast. The teachers are on campus taking part in a project called the “Great Migration,” which refers to the mass population shift of African-Americans from the South to the North beginning with the onset of WWI around 1913. This history project for teachers is being led by Dr. Mark Tebeau, CSU assistant professor.

CSU may consider site in Strongsville
CSU thinks about opening a center in Strongsville as part of plans for three additional regional centers.

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