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March 10, 2005 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Volume 6, Issue 14

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Dr. Murali Nair and his special chili
Photo by Arooj Ashraf
Dr. Murali Nair dishing out his special brand of chili at the 13th Annual Chili Challenge

Chili Challenge heats up the UC Cage

It may have been chilly outside, but inside the UC Cage things were heating up during the Department of Student Life's 13th Annual Chili Challenge.

The Cleveland Stater is a laboratory newspaper put out by students enrolled in classes in the School of Communication at Cleveland State University.
Editor:Mike Kezdi
Advertising Manager: Carol Wallington
Reporters: Pat Antos, Arooj Ashraf, Jim Baker, Bruce Edwards, Matt Gorey, Adam Mawson, Tom Mieskoski, R. W. Nelsen Jr., Sarah O’Connor, Maurice Presley III, Molly Scheiferstein, Elham Sliman
Photographers: Arooj Ashraf, Sarah O'Connor
Adviser: Betty Clapp

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