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Oct. 23, 2003 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Vol. 5, No. 8

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Team CSU runner

Photo by Jennifer Boresz
Team CSU takes part in Race for the Cure

Cleveland State University students, faculty and staff walked as Team CSU in the 2003 Susan G. Komen Northeast Ohio Race for the Cure. The student pictured in the center of the above photo was a Team CSU runner, wearing her black team shirt. Approximately 20, 000 people participated in the race. Last year the northeast Ohio affiliate for Race for the Cure raised about $900, 000, according to the Northeast Ohio Susan G. Komen Web site, Ninety-three members formed Team CSU and donated more than $1, 860 in entry fees alone. See "Team CSU joins Race for the Cure" in News

The Cleveland Stater is a laboratory newspaper put out by students enrolled in classes in the Department of Communication at Cleveland State University.
Editors: Cate Baird and Jennifer Boresz Advertising Manager: Scott Spatny
Reporters: Scott Spatny, K.C. McKenna, Cate Baird, Patrick McCarthy, Jennifer Boresz, Patricia Holland
Photographers: Jennifer Boresz, K.C. McKenna, Cate Baird, Patrick McCarthy, Patricia Holland
Adviser: Betty Clapp

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