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July 17, 2003 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Vol.5 Issue 4

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Hot dog vendor Eretta Foster has been serving lunch to CSU students and staff for more than three years from her stand on Euclid Avenue

Photo by Catherine Jenzen
Eretta Foster parked outside on Euclid Avenue were she serves lunch throughout the summer

Hot dog! Summer in the city
Apparently Cleveland State University students have a taste for polish boys and hot sausage.

Well, at least that’s the word from the hot dog vendor parked daily on the corner of East 21st Street and Euclid Avenue.

Eretta Foster, who has been working there for three years, will be at the stand all summer.

The food is already prepared when she arrives at her stand around 9 a.m.

The busiest time for the stand is between noon and 1 p.m. Foster says sometimes people get hungry a little earlier and she’s busy at 11:30 a.m.

Foster works for a man who owns several of these stands around town.

The owner hitches the stand to his car and delivers it to Foster every morning.

Foster says she gets a lot of people begging for food. Some people are homeless and some are not.

Foster says, “You just have to know the difference.”

Foster says everybody is really nice. She has never been harassed or robbed.

Foster anticipates a nice summer. So far she says the summer temperature has not been that bad, except for the past week.

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