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July 3, 2003 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Vol. 5 Issue 3

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Joe Saad
Kurt Ford and Wille Flectcher
John Walsh
Move Sign

Photos By Bill Ragan

IS&T, other departments move west
Clockwise from upper left, Joe Saad is busy installing a memo board in the new Information Services and Technology offices on the 14th floor of the Keith Building. Saad is a volunteer who was just lending the department a helping hand. Kurt Ford and Willie Fletcher of United Van Lines are busy moving furniture from the ninth floor of Fenn Tower. Fletcher has been with United for 13 years. The sign hanging on the front door of Fenn Tower is alerting visitors to the change of address to the Keith Building, and dates when each of the offices is moving. John Walsh, director, student administration systems, is sitting in his new office high atop the Keith Building. IS&T was able to get every one of their desks, telephones and computers moved from Fenn Tower and into the Keith Building in just one day.

The Cleveland Stater is a laboratory newspaper put out by students enrolled in classes in the Department of Communication at Cleveland State University.
Editor: Sandra Sowul
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Photographers: Jennifer Gutauckas, Frank Pieffer, Bill Ragan, Andrea Wallace, Jennifer Zaleski
Adviser: Betty Clapp

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