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Student Life April 22, 2004

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Education applications now offered online

The Education Department at Cleveland State University has changed its application system to an online service.

Students previously had to fill out a paper application for their practicum or student teaching application and take it to an office on the 13th floor of Rhodes Tower.

The new system enables education students to do the application at home.

The on-line system helps out the staff when a person turns in their application late.

“For the fall semester the deadline was Feb. 15,” said Flo Roberts, the secretary who collects late applications.

Late applications must be submitted by hand. Roberts said she has seen students turn in applications as late as mid-March.

The computer system is able to tell the last time a student logged into the computer.

The staff is also able to check when a student says they logged in on a certain date. Students often lie regarding why the application was turned in late.

If a student can’t get the application in on time they have to petition to be let in and a committee looks it over. Roberts said she has never seen anyone denied their petition.

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