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Student Life December 4, 2003

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Peoplesoft blocks students from taking wrong English class

Students are no longer able to register for upper-level English classes without taking the required prerequisite courses.

The former legacy system that the english department used was unable to enforce prerequisites through the computer.

However, the new PeopleSoft system enforces prerequisites at the point of registration by allowing the department computer to check and make sure the prerequisites have been met.

“If a student tries to register for a course on computer and has not taken a prerequisite course, the computer will not let them register,” said David Larsen, an associate professor of English and director of undergraduate studies in English.

“It will keep the department from allowing students to register for ad-vanced courses they are not [eligible] to take.”

Rita Hammond, secretary in the english department, cited an example.

“For instance, if a student registers for a 300-level class, they need to first take Freshman English 101 and 102,” she said.

“And you need the background foundation of a sophomore 200-level literature class before you can take a 300-level class. The new PeopleSoft system allows students who have access to computers to register via a Web site instead of registering in person, which saves some of the ‘CSU Shuffle,’” Hammond said.

Hammond is referring to the process of students having to go back and forth from the Registrar’s Office to different campus departments to get into certain classes.

“Students who think they have the prerequisites but are not being allowed to register for advanced courses should contact me or one of the secretaries to find out what the problem is,” Larsen said.

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