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Sports December 4, 2003

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Rugby builds inaugural team

A group of men from Cleveland State University plan to be the first to represent the school in rugby competition.

Rugby dates back to around 1823 when balls were made with pig bladders. The origins of the game are somewhat unclear, but a commonly believed story is that a young man by the name of William Webb Ellis picked up a football (a soccer ball to those in the U.S.) during game play to run with it. This act took place at Rugby School in Rugby, England; hence the name, rugby.

A group of CSU athletes is being assembled to compete in the Spring 2004 season, on a mainly collegiate level. The men have nearly enough bodies to field a team, but substitutes are necessary as they are in any contact sport.

Area colleges and universities that have teams include John Carroll University, Kent State University, Ashland University, Ohio Weslyan University, and Denison University.

Rugby is the sport of choice for Commander in Chief George W. Bush who played for Yale University during his junior and senior years. Working his way onto the varsity squad for his last year there, he helped his team beat Harvard University in 1968.

For more information about joining the team or attending any event, contact Alexi at

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