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News December 4, 2003

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CSU seeks information on enrollment change

Since the Oct. 2 State of the University speech by President Michael Schwartz, people have questioned the kind of student CSU hopes to attract.

During his speech, Schwartz challenged the “tradition of open admissions at Cleveland State” according to the speech, “that policy doesn’t work well for us.”

“We are judged by our retention rates and our graduation rates for first-time, full-time freshmen, and our numbers are grim,” he said. “We are next to last in the state in those categories, and the time has come to face that and do something about it.”

Planning is in the early stages of development. According to Jerry Kiel, vice provost for enrollment and management services, CSU is a month away from having ad-ditional information.

CSU would like to attract more traditional students, Kiel said, meaning more students right out of high school that are better prepared for college.

“Ohio, like many states has defined the college core curriculum,” said Kiel. “The state has defined what students should take in high school to be fully prepared to succeed in college and that’s what it is really all about.”

Ohio’s core curriculum, according to Kiel, consists of four years of English, three of math, three of social science, and three of natural sciences. The strongest core would include two years of foreign languages and one of visual/ performing arts.

CSU admission does’t currently focus on core curriculum as a standard.

According to the Ohio Board of Regent’s Web site, 50 percent of students attending CSU have completed the Ohio-established core curriculum, while 34 percent did’t and another 17 percent is unknown.

Schwarts said, at the very least, CSU should change the voluntary submission of ACT and SAT scores to be mandatory.

He continued to mention that grade point average would be important. Kiel said, it would be about a 2.0 or higher.

Kiel said CSU is looking at successful CSU graduates; looking at their high school background, preparations, GPA and test scores.

CSU may potentially base new standards on what is found from alumni successes in the future of CSU’s admissions policy.

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