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December 4, 2003 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Volume 5, Issue 11

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Photo courtsey of Mary Casey
Mary Casey chases haunted house visitors away from the entrance.

She's a woman of 1,000 faces
Communication major, Mary Casey, has spent the last 11 years working at Bloodview haunted house in Broadview Heights. Casey is a seasoned member of the Bloadview team and is also an expert with make-up application. See story in Highlights.

The Cleveland Stater is a laboratory newspaper put out by students enrolled in classes in the Department of Communication at Cleveland State University.
Editors: Jennifer Boresz and Cate Baird Advertising Manager: Scott Spatny
Reporters: Scott Spatny, K.C. McKenna, Patrick McCarthy, Patricia Holland
Photographers:Jennifer Boresz, Cate Baird, K.C. McKenna, Patrick McCarthy
Adviser: Betty Clapp

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