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November 7, 2002 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Vol. 4 No. 9

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Proposal to UCC

Dean Anderson's proposal sparks debate among A&S faculty

A lack of agreement by faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences on a reorganization plan, resulted in Interim Dean Earl Anderson sending a proposal to CSU’s president and provost, and the University Curriculum Committe on Oct. 28.

Anderson’s proposal suggested creating a College of Natural and Health Sciences and a College of Liberal Arts containing a School of Fine and Performing Arts

Anderson’s action sparked criticism from A&S faculty. Dr. Peter Meiksins, department chair of sociology, said, “I was surprised that the dean did not publicly express his opinion to A&S faculty,” adding that, “his decision to do it this way increased hard feelings within some departments.”

No one plan captured the majority vote by A&S faculty in a mail ballot given to college faculty in late October. A memo was sent to UCC from 11 depart-ments within A&S requesting more time for faculty to formulate a proposal for reorgan-ization.

Meiksins said that A&S faculty did not get a chance to review parts of Anderson’s proposal.

“This was Anderson’s way of saying that A&S faculty would not come to a resolution on pro-posals,” he said.

Anderson wrote in his memo, “ I am persuaded that the college is over-diversified to such an extent that the problem of reorganization cannot be resolved by majority rule.”

The over-diversity of the college in its present organization, desire for self-determination in several academic depart-ments, the university’s need to contain admin-istrative costs and enhance health care-related programs as “signature programs” and the College of Arts and Sciences and university’s need for visibility and collaboration among fine and performing arts programs are other issues Anderson mentions in his proposal.

Anderson said in an early fall interview, “My job as interim dean is to make sure that faculty has a voice and the oppor-tunity to participate in this process. And also to make sure that the governance procedures of the uni-versity for a change like this are followed.”

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Chin Kuo said that he is not in the position to discuss whether he favors Anderson’s proposal, but that it looks doable in the future.

“It is not appropriate to comment on any proposal until we receive recom-mendations from UCC and Faculty Senate,” Kuo said.

According to the pro-vost, proposals are now being reviewed by the UCC. “The UCC will vote on whether they approve or disapprove proposals and then forward their recommendations to the Faculty Senate.

Afterward recommen-dations from the Faculty Senate will come to me, then the president and I will make a decision and report it to the board of trustees,” he said.

Dr. David Larson, professor of English and a representative of the American Association University Professors (AAUP) said that any proposal should go through the regular faculty governance process, adding that the AAUP is planning on submitting a statement to UCC regarding Anderson’s proposal.

Dr. Walter Rom, pro-fessor of business and chair of UCC, said that he did not have a chance to review Anderson’s pro-posal.

“It is my understanding that UCC is in the process of soliciting feedback on Anderson’s proposal from department chairs in all departments and the A&S committee,” Kuo said.

The provost said that overall, he wants to make sure that all 10 steps are followed in the gover-nance process.

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Faculty requests options on college reorganization

Despite three reorganization options, the College of Arts and Sciences faculty voted to request additional options at a faculty discussion Oct. 24.

College of Arts and Sciences faculty will ask the reorganization committee to forward their analysis of the results of the referendum to the curriculum committee, which would be advised to prepare a second recommendation for the faculty.

The faculty also voted to request more time to study the different reorganization proposals before voting for the one they wish to put into effect.

Barbara Hoffman, professor of anthropology and member of the reorganization committee, said that the reorganization committee was being ram-rodded through a process that should have been given more time.

She added that committee members should be allowed more time to complete what they started before they pretend they have reached a decision when they have not.

A motion by Dr. Leo Jeffres, communication professor requested the college ask the provost to begin searching for a permanent dean.

The vote on this motion split almost equally, but the motion was defeated. During the discussion some faculty said that a strong leader would guide in a time of uncertainty, but others said that bringing in a new dean in the middle of flux and change was not a good idea.

The A&S faculty is scheduled to meet again Nov. 25.

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