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News October 24, 2002

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Students don’t know CSU’s top crime

What is the top crime at Cleveland State Uni-versity?

In an informal survey of CSU students last week, a majority of students said they thought assault was the number one crime.

But they also identified as other possible number one crimes vandalism, theft, stolen property, damaged property, hit and runs, and kidnappings.

To their surprise, vehicle break-ins, damage and theft in CSU parking lots, for which 10 reports were filed with the campus police in the last month, continue to be the top crimes at the university.

Students thought CSU could better prevent vandalism by imple-menting a variety of pro-grams.

Nursing freshman Ar-toria Ambers takes the bus to CSU everyday but said CSU might keep crime down by putting in more security in the parking lots and having more police cars patrolling areas where cars are parked.

Rich Sacha, a marketing major, drives his car to CSU four days a week for class. He parks in lots without knowing if other students have had their vehicles vandalized there. He said that more police patrolling the parking lots could help prevent the situation.

Lorve Fomby, a sophomore education major, also drives to school four days a week. He said that CSU should get more guards to watch over the parking lots.

“Give drivers safety manuals with parking passes or pass them out,” said Rheymona Kennedy, a freshman psychology major.

Cari Shaffer, a freshman psychology student, said that better security in parking lots and more parking availability will help to prevent vandalism to vehicles.

Although Alicia An-derson, a business fresh-man, takes the bus to CSU, she says a person who commits the crime should face a harsher punishment.

According to the “The Blue Lighter,” a campus police newsletter, CSU Police work hard to prevent crime with visible motor vehicle, bicycle, and foot patrols.

They also have plain-clothes officers and detectives conducting surveillance operations. The CSU Police patrol the campus 24/7.

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