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Sports September 26, 2002

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Tennis team has rocky start in opener

The tennis team was supposed to kick off their season against Youngstown State University on Sept. 21 but due to a large chance of rain and no back-up courts, the match was cancelled.

New tennis coach Brain Etzkin said, “We were really fired up to play and we feel we’re one of the hardest working teams in the nation, but if we have one more week, that’s another week of practice for us.”

The women’s team still took on Oakland University at CSU’s Magala Tennis Court the morning of the cancellation.

Unfortunately, the women fell to Oakland. Two losses by default contributed to the defeat. The final score came out at 5-2. Freshman Rebekah Bick-sler and junior Paulina Reyes beat Oakland in their doubles match as well as Bicksler gaining a victory in her singles match. Junior Amanda Cerny also came off on top of her singles match but it wasn’t enough to take Oakland down.

The men’s next match will be in Edinboro, PA where they will play a doubleheader against Edinboro University and St. Joe’s College on Sept. 27-28.

Sophomore Shawn Whitehouse said, “I think that we’ll do well and improve upon our results from last year.”

The women’s next match will take them to Dayton, Ohio to compete against the University of Dayton on Sept. 29.

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