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News September 26, 2002

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cleveland state university sign
Photo by Zvezdana Kubat

New signs give campus a fresh new look and help to guide visitors and identify CSU to passers-by.

Change coming, maybe soon

Cleveland State Univ-ersity’s new landscaping and new campus signs are only a fraction of the physical change that will take place at CSU, if the future goes as planned.

During the Faculty Senate meeting Sept. 11, CSU President Michael Schwartz said, “New buildings for office space, student housing, and a new bookstore are in the works.”

Schwartz said additional skywalks will connect buildings and a new transit center with a parking garage is planned by Regional Transit Authority. Old buildings will be torn down or renovated.

The CSU Board of Trustees meeting passed a resolution authorizing the administration to enter a lease agreement with Somerville Development to construct a bookstore at 1910 Euclid Ave.

The board passed the resolution, but it must go to the executive committee of the board to approve the terms of a new lease.

The bookstore will be a 10-story building with the first two floors (24,000 squarefeet)as the book-store. Somerville Develop-ment will lease it to CSU. The university will sublease a two-year contact with Barnes and Nobles or whomever it desires.

The remaining eight floors above the bookstore will have co-ed student housing with one and two bedrooms apartments.

“Board members were not sure when ground will be broken but the university anticipates the bookstore and housing will be completed by fall 2004”, according to Brian Cook, Interim Vice-president of Finance.

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