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  Police Reports November 21, 2002

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Police Report

Theft persists
Theft continues to be a concern around campus as more reports get filed on a daily basis. On Nov. 4, property was stolen from Krenzler Field and the UC. Another theft was reported only a day later from the Convocation Center. Reports of a lost cell phone, two sets of university keys, and other property were made on Nov. 8, 13, and 14. The police remind students to keep an eye on their belongings at all times.

Good eyes continue reporting “bad guys”
Since the Lot Z altercation on Sept. 16, CSU’s population has been on the lookout for suspicious characters. Another case of assault took place on Nov. 4 (see page 1 for story). Other non-CSU individuals were field interviewed on Nov. 5 and 8. The first person was questioned for criminal trespassing but checked clean and was sent. The second and third individuals were stopped because of complaints in the Science and Research building and the Music and Communications building. They, however, also checked clean. Also, on Nov. 8, a non-student was arrested on campus.

Vehicle damage remains a problem
Multiple cars have been damaged in lots across the campus. Two separate damages occurred in the UPF garage on Nov. 4 and 10. Another report was made by a CSU professor whose car was damaged in Lot B.

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