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Student Life October 11, 2001

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Junior Achievement program offers CSU volunteers experience

Several Cleveland State students are getting hands-on teaching experience by working with Cleveland area Junior Achievement participants.

Approximately 130 of Dr. Lucille Wright’s 200 education students volunteered to teach business classes for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

The CSU volunteers received a packet of materials that included lesson plans for teaching social studies to the appropriate age level.

The CSU students are expected to make five to 10 visits to their assigned schools. The sessions last 35 to 40 minutes, de-pending on the age group. The program intensifies with higher grade levels.

Wright has incorporated Junior Achievement tutoring into her curriculum for the past nine years.

She said it helps students improve their teaching portfolio credentials, network with fellow educators, gain support systems in Cleveland schools, and be exposed to model lesson plans.

She said that 98 percent of the student tutors receive a positive written evaluation from their school.

Junior Achievement teaches about free enterprise, business and economics in an effort to prepare students for the workplace.

Junior Achievement needs additional volunteers.

For information, call (216) 861-8080.

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