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News July 13, 2000

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Arts and Sciences expands artist-in-residence program

Cleveland State University College of Arts and Sciences is looking forward to expanding their creative horizons by sponsoring an original artist “in” residence program for the entire campus community.

This unique art program is directed specifically at individuals who have little or no art background, according to Laura Martin, associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Martin said she hopes the program will “highlight the potential for creative experience in everybody’s life.”

Constance Pierce, a visual artist and teacher, helps non-artists and artists alike explore a variety of art forms, including drawing, collage, sketchbook jour-naling, painting, watercolor, ink and monotype. Pierce has had much experience in this field and has taught courses at Yale University, the Smithsonian, Millsaps College, and the Cleveland Institute of Art.

At CSU Pierce will implement new ways of observing or creating images. She will be teaching credit and non-credit courses through the college. In addition, Pierce will interact with non-art classes, specifically those in the health sciences and will participate in special events and exhibits.

Next spring, Pierce’s course, “Sketchbooks: visual journey,” will be available for the art department. Pierce’s studio will be located in the Chester Building room 274, and a new Alcove Gallery will provide a rotating exhibition space for her work and the work created in her courses and workshops.

In addition to the studio, Pierce hopes to create a website that also will display her student’s artwork.

The College of Arts and Sciences is very excited about this new addition to the curriculum. Martin said the College of Arts and Sciences hopes this new endeavor will “reveal and enhance the creative genius of non-artists by expanding participants’ mental horizons and infusing new creative possibilities and modes of expression into their daily studies, teaching, and research work.”

Martin said the College of Arts and Sciences would appreciate additional ideas for creative and educational programs. Martin may be contacted by e-mail at

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