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News July 13, 2000

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Students upset over mid-term move for Levin College of Urban Affairs

Photo by Liz Bogdan
The Levin College of Urban Affairs, located on Euclid Avenue, is in its final stages of construction and will open its doors to faculty, staff and students on Nov. 1. The scheduling of the move is a source of conflict with some students throughout the university.

The scheduled move to the new Urban Affairs building slated for Nov. 1 has a few students upset.

Informed of the middle-of-semester move, students interviewed were not happy with the timing.

“College is hard enough without having to play hide and seek with your classroom,” said Miesha McJunkins, a CSU student who plans to return this fall and enroll in the College of Urban Afairs.

“What are they crazy?” was the response of Stella Hall, a CSU communication major. “That is so inconsiderate of the university.”

Rashida Dowd, a CSU student and security escort stationed at the Urban Affairs building, asks, “What about students who work or attend classes in the evening – when they get off work and come flying in here, usually late, only to find that their class has moved?”

According to Barbara Benevento, College of Urban Affairs special projects coordinator, “In order for the contract to be completed, the old building must be demolished.”

Benevento said that Bob Crim-inger, executive director of management facilities, noted that “it is easier to move people when they are working than if they are vacation. If you give someone two weeks to move, they will take two weeks.”

Criminger was on vacation and not available for comment.

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