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March 8, 2001 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Volume 2 Issue 14

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Photo by Kate Hoban
The Tony Lang band performs a free show at the grand opening of Peabody’s on Friday March 2. Peabody’s recently moved in to the bar behind the Rascal House and will be open weekly for shows and other entertainment.

Live entertainment comes to campus area venue

After years of residing on the east bank of the Flats, the concert club Peabody’s has found a new home in the bar behind the Rascal House.

Mike Frangos who owns the Rascal House and is the previous owner of the Foundry said the spot behind the Rascal House is being leased to Peabody’s. Dan Bliss and John Michalak who own Peabody’s, signed a 10-year lease on Feb. 1 of this year.

Frangos said there were a few offers from other establishments for the space but that he thought Peabody’s would be most compatible with the CSU community.

Frangos said Bliss and Michalak plan on keeping Peabody’s open during the day to cater to the students, in addition to having bands play in the evenings and on week-ends.

Frangos also said that there has been an ad in various newspapers encouraging students to interview for bartending, bouncer, and server po-sitions.

Peabody’s grand opening was last Friday with the Tony Lang band performing a free show.

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