April 18, 2017

Women's track training for season

The Cleveland State University Women’s Track and Field team return to the track April 8 after a month-long break. It meets at Oberlin College in Oberlin, where a handful of select people will participate.

The team has seen its best success in the 1500 and 5K events, and that comes from most of the athletes participating in cross country during the fall.

Head coach Madeline Outman said she is excited to get back on the track. In her first full year at Cleveland State -- she started coaching for the school in October -- she’s been coaching in track and field for seven years, starting in Division III at Emory University in Atlanta, then Division II at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike in the Greater Cleveland area, and then Division III at Cleveland State.

“In addition to the 1500 and 5K, the girls have also done well in the 400 meter dash,” Outman said. “The reason for this is because they are a pretty dedicated group of sprinters, and they have been working hard during the month break.”

Outman talked about the break in March, saying the reason for it was because it is the women’s first year. Normally, in a full schedule, March has the team practicing like any other scheduled month. Since Outman felt it was a lot to ask of at the time, she plans on introducing the full schedule next spring.

The obvious goal, Outman said, is to perform the best for the conference, especially the All-Ohio meet, coming up April 14 at the University of Cincinnati.

“All schools in general love [the All-Ohio meet],” Outman said. Everyone from Ohio State to lesser programs like ours participates, and it’s a real challenge and fun to be a part of.

When it comes to standouts on the roster, Outman said she appreciates all of her athletes, but two stand out in her mind; Captain Samantha Butterbaugh (junior), and Karen Barrientos (junior). Outman was praiseworthy of Butterbaugh’s leadership on and off the field, and said she would see some improvement this season. Barrientos made First Team All Conference, which had not happened for Cleveland State since the 1990s. Outman said Barrientos was someone to watch out for in the 5K.

Most of all, Outman said she is pleased with the progress the girls have made in her first season as head coach.

“We don’t have as many competitions as is typical, but the girls do great training and the competition is the fun part,” Madeline said. “They’ve been able to keep real good spirits, and have made a lot of credit and progress performance wise.”


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