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(Left to right) Aeisha Kagan, Nadet Najjar, Kyle Stephens and Olga Grech will make up the executive board of the Cleveland State Student Government Association following the April 18 elections.


April 18, 2017

SGA elections feature unopposed candidates

For the third time since 2012, members of the Student Government Association executive board will run unopposed in the April 18 elections. All four members of the board are unopposed and will be elected by default.

Aeisha Kagan will be president, Nadet Najjar will be vice president, Olga Grech will be secretary and Kyle Stephens will be treasurer.

All four future executive board members are part of the Students Serving Students party, which already has representatives in office.

They are working to do so in a number of ways. Stephens, a mechanical engineering major, became involved with the SGA for that very reason.

“It was the best way to make a difference so that got me interested,” Stephens said. “We do a lot of stuff behind the scenes that people don’t know about but they affect the students.”

Many of the projects this executive board plans to move forward with are initiatives that would not draw the attention of everyone on campus, but could impact some students in a large way.

The board will also address Cleveland State’s struggle to retain freshmen for all four years. Kagan, a mathematics major, has already worked on this issue in her time with SGA.

She said that progress has already been made on a peer-to-peer mentorship program that would pair freshmen with upperclassmen or interns to make them feel more welcome and to give them someone to help them adjust to their new life as a student.

This program is one of many items that the executive board will be working on in the year following their election. Like each executive board of the past, roadblocks will stop some projects and student interest will move some projects ahead faster than anticipated.

Grech, a health sciences major, explained why she is hopeful that this board can do more than be known for running unopposed.

“We are just people in the classroom, here to help all the students here,” Grech said.
Kagan added that this group is made up of “students who care, not future politicians or anything like that.”


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