police building

The Cleveland State Police building is on Chester Avenue at 19th Street.


March 28, 2017

Police Blotter

By Timothy Lewis

Harassment Report
A report from a Viking Shield app indicated that a male was harassing people as they were around the 22nd. Street and Euclid Avenue area . The authorities found no one in the vicinity.

A Rascal
A female inside the Rascal House at 1836 Euclid Ave. talked loudly and disturbed customers. Police responded and told employees to contact them if she came back.

Suspicious Persons
A faculty member reported that two suspicious males who might be students appeared to have a weapon as they walked toward Fenn Tower from Julka Hall. Units checked the area but they found no one.

Person in Car
A passerby approached campus police to report she had seen a car parked at 18th Street and Carnegie with a male slumped over inside. Police notified EMS and when paramedics arrived on scene, they checked him out and reported he was all right.



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