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The Monte Ahuja College of Business recently unveiled its BBA 2 MBA accelerated graduation program.


March 28, 2017

Business college adds program to lower time spent in graduate school

The Monte Ahuja College of Business has initiated an accelerated program to help students graduate faster. The 11-course program, known as BBA 2 MBA, offers some students a shorter amount of time in school. The program is for bachelor of business administration (BBA) students seeking to earn their masters in business administration (MBA).

“The CSU BBA 2 MBA program not only makes the MBA more affordable and accessible to Cleveland State business alumni, it also meets the current demands of our current changing marketplace conditions,” said Dr. Raj Javalgi, associate dean of Graduate Programs who was quoted by Heather Schlosser in an email interview.

Heather Schlosser, a manager of a marketing communications, offered an explanation of some of the specifics of the program, which includes being cheaper and being a faster process to graduation.

The MBA and Graduate Programs Curriculum committee designed the program to aid busy students who work full and part-time jobs, Schlosser said. She said the program still allows for flexible scheduling in a busy world.

There is no change in curriculum in terms of content nor professors teaching the classes, and it costs the same as regular business credits. Money is actually saved when the cost of extra books and tools required is considered, according to Schlosser.

“MBA is comprised of Level I, Level II and Level III coursework,” Schlosser said in an email. “By waiving the Level I and Level II coursework for Cleveland State Business Alumni with 3.0 GPAs, we’ve actually made it easier to continue graduate education part-time immediately after graduation.”

Prior to the introduction of the BBA to MBA program, the amount of time a MBA seemed daunting.

Students such as Mike O’Malley, a senior business administration major, are now able to complete the degree in a shorter amount of time.

“I was not going to pursue my Master’s degree because it would take too long,” O’Malley said. “I just did not have the time to be going to school full time while working to pay my bills.”

One of the requirements to for the program is maintaining a 3.0 cumulative GPA, but it allows for classes to be taken part time immediately after graduation.

“Even though the classes will be the same, I now have a chance to graduate much faster when I sign up for it,” O’Malley said.

The degree that is granted is the equal to a traditional MBA, but there are two differences between this program and the traditional MBA. A CSU business undergraduate can have the GMAT/GRE waived on the graduate application and a class can be waived with a grade of “C” of better.


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