March 28, 2017

Students can now borrow free tablets

Cleveland State University will allow students to borrow tablets from the school for free. Students can use an Apple Air, HP tablet or a Surface tablet for up to 48 hours at a time under new guidelines from the school’s Informational Services and Technology department.

Miro Humer, (Chief Information Officer) explained that Cleveland State has 15 available Apple Airs, 15 HP tablets and 15 Surface tablets for students to use.

iPads are no longer available because the lack of keyboard made them less popular with students.

Overall, 347 devices can be signed out at the Mobile Campus. Of the 189 available laptops to borrow, including 165 are in the Student Center and 24 in the library satellite.

There are 70 scientific calculators available for loan, with 60 located in the Student Center and 10 in the library.

The Mobile Campus also has 59 tablets that are available in the Student Center.

Finally, the Student Center has 29 MacBooks available for students.

Humer said the charging stations placed around campus, which have been available on a trial basis for three months but have not been widely used, will be removed after this semester.

IS&T, which has a staff of 152, employs 72 students in desktop support and as lab monitors.

IS&T also provides students with PC support on their own personal computers, including system and disk cleanup services, and installation of anti-virus software, wireless access setup, and general technical assistance. However, they cannot perform physical repairs or hardware installation because of warranty liability.

Cleveland State IS&T also allows students to install Microsoft software onto their computers for free via

Students have the option to install it on up to 15 devices.

For any additional information please contact Miro Humer at


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