March 28, 2017

CSU law fraternity holds “Meet the future lawyers” event

The PAD pre-law fraternity hosted “Meet the Future Lawyers” Thursday March 9 in the Marshall College of Law to interest students in the fraternity and what it stands for.

The pre-law chapter at Cleveland State University was established in 2014 to benefit students interested in legal education. The fraternity is an international and professional law fraternity that advances integrity and compassion through its service to students.

Juliana Kosik, the president of the Cleveland State chapter, also discussed how this event has grown over the years.

“Starting out we only had four members,” she said. “We needed at least 20 to charter and make it an organization.

We had our first meet and greet two years ago,” she continued, “and this event is our largest one to date. We’re also looking to build a closer partnership with the college of law and our alumni, and I’m excited to see where this event goes in the future.”

The event also detailed the different committees that are a part of PAD. The professional development committee is responsible for developing, planning and implementing programs for the advancement of professional development of the members. The other committee discussed was the membership committee, which is responsible for recruiting new members year-round to give the organization a stronger level of visibility.

Gina Huffman, the adviser of the Cleveland State chapter, talked about the importance of the meet-and-greet events. “These events are like a way to invite students that are from Cleveland State to come inside the law building.” Huffman said.

“I have had so many students say that they’ve never stopped in the building but they pass through it. These events help to take away some of the mystery.

The PAD fraternity members said it plans on helping students who want to go into a career of law and these events help students become better acquainted with the fraternity and how it operates inside the college of law.


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