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Students line up to get tickets to enter the Safe Spring Break Event, which provided information on alcohol use.


March 28, 2017

CAB puts on safe spring break event By Tim Lewis

The Campus Activities Board hosted its first ‘Safe Spring Break’ event in the student center Tuesday, March 7, to ensure students would be responsible when it comes to drinking and driving during spring break. The event had five tables with various activities and information for students.

The first table had information on how to make “mocktails” that simulated the feeling of making a cocktail without having to use alcohol. Estefany Rodriguez, a graduate assistant at Cleveland State, advised this table, and talked about the importance of being safe.

“It’s very important to have a designated driver when you know that you and a bunch of friends are going out drinking,” Rodriguez said. “Over spring break if students do drink, it’s best to have a limit to how many drinks you will have.”

The other tables included a trivia questionnaire that tested students’ knowledge on the effects of alcohol as well as what in can do to the body, a table where someone asked students to pour how much a person thinks is an average amount of alcohol, a table that had local police officers provide students with goggles that simulated the feeling of being drunk, and a table that simulated what it’s like to drive drunk.

CSU’s Helping You through Peer Education Team (HYPE) participated in the event by distributing information regarding their personal responsibility campaign. Food, drinks and free shirts were also provided to students who attended the event.

Graduate volunteers also attended the event to help out by hosting some of the activities at the tables.

Denise Keary, the health and wellness coordinator for CSU, helped put the program together along with the HYPE team by planning the event in the student center.

“This is the first year we have done an event like this,” Keary said. “The reason we did this was to promote the idea of being safe over spring break because we know students do drink and are at a higher risk. The safety and wellness of students is something that is very important, and I hope this event does its part.” Keary also said that because of the popularity of the event, she hopes that the university can continue to have it in the coming years. .


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