March 28, 2017

Board of Trustees members may visit classes on campus, observe students

Members of Cleveland State University’s Board of Trustees members may find visits to campus classes on their agenda in the fall to expand their understanding of what happens in classes at the university.

Faculty Senate President Nigamanth Sridhar filled the faculty senate in on the steering committee discussion about the possibility of Cleveland State board of trustee members visiting classrooms during a senate meeting Wednesday, March 8.

“The chairman of our board reached out to explore the possibility of trustees coming and visiting classes, sitting in and observing classes,” Sridhar said. “Any opportunity that we get to show off the real important work that we do in the classroom to our trustees is a welcome opportunity.”

Sridhar explained a plan for the fall semester for a structured schedule when trustees can sit in to observe classes. He said it will be a week of the semester sometime before first exams, but far enough into it that students are settled in, possibly the fourth week of the semester.

“It’s not a ‘walk into any class you like,’” he said. “It will be more structured so we can demonstrate what we’re doing in the classroom every day.”

Sridhar also said there will be a new strategy for commencement at the end of the semester. Instead of handing out all graduate degrees followed by all undergraduate degrees, Sridhar said they will hand out graduate and undergraduate degrees for each college.

President Ronald Berkman said there are real threats to the budget in his report to the senate.

There is a possibility that the university must pay for student’s textbooks, which Berkman said was one of the threats.

Berkman also updated the senate on the Requests for Proposal (RFP) which have plans for freshman dorms as well as a new arena and event center to replace the costly Wolstein Center.

“The bottom line on the [Wolstein] arena is that when the state asked a private firm to come in and estimate the deferred maintenance cost of the buildings on state university campuses, the price tag for the Wolstein was $30 million in deferred maintenance, a good piece of it, or a significant piece of it, with health and safety issues,” Berkman said. “So there is that looming issue with the Wolstein. Aside from that, it’s just economically not viable.”


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