Photo By Timothy Lewis

Officer Vince Nolasco works in the roll call room of the Police Department


February 28, 2017

CSU Police facilities expand services as police force grows

The Cleveland State University Police Department to protect the Cleveland State campus as well as the areas around campus. One way that the officers help to protect and serve is by using the police department building.

Chief Gary Lewis said the department has been at the 1840 Chester Ave location for seven years. Before that department resided in the old Chester Building. Lewis, who has been police chief for 18 months, said working on a college campus differs from his previous position as a highway patrolman.

“Before coming to Cleveland State I was at Ohio State [University] before that, I worked with highway patrol.” Lewis said. “Highway patrol deals with traffic safety. Campus safety is so different because the target audience is different. Before I was responsible for Cuyahoga County. Now the venue and size changes, meaning my methods change.”

Inside the department is a room for roll call, where officers meet before every shift to discuss what needs to be done during the shift and also to share new information.

The observation allows officers to observe the questioning of a suspect by other officers. Next to the observation room is a small holding cell if a suspect has to be held temporarily.

Machines inside the facility include a fingerprint scanner and blood alcohol level testing machine. On the second floor is a room for officers to practice in taser and other training.

Chief Lewis also said that regardless of facilities inside the department, responsibilities of the officers stay the same wherever; “While different environments may come, the responsibilities of law and order are what are important.”


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