February 28, 2017

‘Coffee with a Cop’ mixes students with campus police

The Cleveland State University Police Department offered its “Coffee with a Cop” event on Feb. 13 on the second floor of the Student Center, which gave students a chance to have a free cup of coffee and talk with a member of the Cleveland State police department.

There were two officers that were passing out the coffee and talking with the students, Lt. Beverly Pettrey and Officer Toni Jones.

“The best part of the job is getting to interact with the people and knowing that we help keep them safe,” Jones said. “We also have many programs and partnerships to ensure the safety of [Cleveland State] students.”

One of these partnerships is with the Domestic Violence Child Advocacy Center. The advocacy center offers a 24-hour domestic violence helpline.

The other program that Jones mentioned was the “Put your junk in your trunk” initiative, which advises students not to leave any of their belongings on their car seats. Jones also mentioned the protocol on what to do if a person’s car is broken in-to.

Lt. Pettrey discussed what she sees as the hardest part of the job.

“In this time and this climate, it’s sometimes hard getting the trust of the people,” Pettrey said. “Some members of society are untrusting. Having the community see a police officer as someone that can help them can be a job in itself.”

Officer Jones was also asked the question of what is the hardest part of the job for her.

“When you love your job like I do, there really is no bad days,” Jones said. “Just getting along and interacting with everyone makes it great.”

The Cleveland State Police department operates 24/7 and is made up of state certified police officers. The officers not only patrol the Cleveland State campus but also the city streets and community around campus.


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