February 28, 2017

Carry registration unchanged at CSU

Concealed carry of firearms on campus has been a topic discussed at recent meetings of the Cleveland State University Board of Trustees and of the Faculty Senate, which heard comments about the topic at its Feb.8 meeting.

Under Ohio law, a university’s board of trustees decides whether concealed carry permit holders can bring a gun on campus, even if gun owners with permits can carry concealed weapons elsewhere in the state.

Faculty Senate President Nigamanth Sridhar brought up the topic of concealed carry and its relation to Cleveland State in his report to senate members.

“The state of Ohio passed legislation that said that the concealed carry permit holders can carry guns on campuses if a board of trustees will allow it,” Sridhar said at the senate meeting. “We, the faculty senate, sent a letter to the board of trustees encouraging them to make an affirmative stance and stay with our current policy which prevents and prohibits guns on campus.”

Sridhar said the Cleveland State Board of Trustees discussed the issue at its meeting Jan. 30, but did not pass a resolution. Unless the board says otherwise, Sridhar said Cleveland State’s position on concealed carry stays the same.

“[The Board] did not pass an official resolution, but instead, [members] talked about keeping the current policy in place,” Sridhar said. “The way the legislation is written is that if the Board does nothing, then the status quo is in place and the status quo is that concealed carry permit holders are still not permitted to bring guns on campus.”

The letter the faculty senate sent to the board of trustees asked it to affirm its position prohibiting firearms on campus, but Sridhar said the senate has yet to hear from the board.


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