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Cleveland State red-shirted freshman Grant Turnmire lined up against Ohio State freshman Jonathan Ross in Eastern Wrestling League action at the Woodling Gymnasium on Nov. 22 during one of the opening matches of the season.


February 7, 2017

Cleveland State wrestling has rebirth; keeps local sports tradition alive

The year is 2015. After a difficult decision, Cleveland State University’s athletic program elected to no longer fund Cleveland State wrestling in favor of adding a men’s Lacrosse program. With the decision made, wrestling looked to be dead at the university.

A widespread backlash against the decision from students and the wrestling community set in, so much so that the athletic program ended up reversing its decision and refunded wrestling, in addition to adding men’s Lacrosse. By electing to pay with their own tuitions, students voted to raise their fees $1 a term per credit hour ($15 dollars a semester) to help secure the wrestling program’s future at the university.

Via, “CSU students voted, 975-60, in favor of a non-binding referendum to raise student fees $4-6 per credit hour to pay for wrestling and a women’s sport.”

Seven-year head coach Benjamin Stehura has witnessed both the ups and downs of this process, but said he is glad to have been a part of it. For 2017, he’s spent time preparing for what the wrestling team usually does every season.

“We’re in a rebuilding phase, with a lot of young guys in the lineup with talent,” Stehura said. “Our core is with us the next four to five years, so the results may not come in right away, but with time and effort, it will in the future.”

The team just came off a tough home loss against the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania Bald Eagles, dropping the match 35-9. Despite this, Stehura singled out sophomore Evan Cheek and redshirt junior Nick Corba as standouts. Cheek won his matchup and put up four points for CSU, while Corba put up five points by winning his matchup.


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