February 7, 2017

Men’s lacrosse begins inaugural season for 2017

It is 2017, and Cleveland State University’s Men’s Lacrosse team is ready to get the season started.

Founded in 2015 after the Athletic Department announced its establishment, CSU’s men’s lacrosse recruited members for the spring season of the 2016-17 academic year as part of the Horizon League. The team competes at the Division I level, and is one of two Division I schools in Ohio (the other being Ohio State University) to have a lacrosse program.

Head coach Dylan Sheridan, a Cleveland native, runs the team himself. Sheridan has spent the last year helping recruit people interested in lacrosse to play for Cleveland State.

“We put up a questionnaire on the lacrosse site for people interested to fill out,” Sheridan said. “After the information is filled, they follow up and we meet in person, engage in actual conversation, and go from there.”

The team’s season actually gets exciting right off the bat, because they’ll be at home against the University of Michigan.

“We’re fired up for this matchup against Michigan because not only is it our first Division I game, it’s also against a good opponent,” Sheridan said. “All the friends and families will be coming to the game, and it’ll be a lot of fun to start things off.”

Before the regular season gets started, the team is traveling to Kentucky to face Bellarmine University in a scrimmage. Sheridan says the team is the same one they have scrimmaged in the past so they can get a better measurement of their progression. After the scrimmage, team members will watch film to further assess their strengths and weaknesses.

The team’s progression has required months of training and conditioning year round, lifting and practicing for three to five days a week for typically three hours at most. “For the winter season, our men can do two things; the first is to stay as fit as they were when they started winter break, or regress,” Sheridan said. “Thankfully, our guys have done the former.”

Sheridan said he is also excited for an upcoming game against the University of Duke, which is ranked in the top ten.

“I’ve met the coach [John Danowski] before, and I respect him a lot because he’s really smart from beginning to end,” Sheridan said. “Playing at Duke will be eye opening for our long-term mindset of getting better from season’s beginning to season’s end.”

According to Sheridan,he took the opportunity to become the head coach of the lacrosse program because he grew up both in Cleveland and with lacrosse, so it was a dream come true for him.

Sheridan is proud of the lacrosse culture being built at Cleveland State. “We think we’re a big-time sport, a niche, unusual and special,” Sheridan said. “Coaching at CSU is special because there’s more of a diversity in the locker room and university. I feel Cleveland State was in a great position to add the program, and as a younger coach, I look forward to having it test my mental strength down the road.”


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