February 7, 2017

American Medical Student Association aids students

Across the country, pre-med students are participating in an intense competition to get into the graduate and doctorate programs they desire.

This competition takes place in every single college classroom across the country every day, and peaks when these students take the Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT.

According to research done by Kaplan University, the average score on the MCAT is 500.

However, the 91st percentile scores a 514, meaning a huge amount of students who score between the two end up with very similar ranks when applying to medical schools.

With so many students having similar MCAT scores and GPAs, competition to get into medical schools is unlike any other profession. The American Medical Student Association has been bringing these students together to help each other since 1950.

AMSA differs from other programs on campus, and across the country because their activities and agendas are determined entirely by students. It is a national organization, led by students with the help of faculty advisors.

This structure helps to ensure that the organization always has determined leadership and remains active.

The competitive environment in the classroom means that outside experience can affect applicants trying to get into medical school a great deal.

Current president Emily Edwards, a 21-year-old biology and health science double major, considers her work with AMSA to be one of the details that helped her med school application stand out.

“It was one of my activities that showed I was involved and that I also had a leadership role here at Cleveland State,” Edwards said of AMSA.

The organization has plans to visit Northeast Ohio Medical University, and possibly Case Western Reserve University this year. These trips help to create connections with possible schools, and allow students to get an idea of what to expect.

Possible leadership experience, first-hand knowledge of what to expect, and speakers are benefits for all members, and the group accepts any majors, even though most are pre-med.

Those interested in joining can reach out to e.a.edwards46@vikes.csuohio.edu.


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