February 7, 2017

Business school hosts panel on health care industry

The board room in the Monte Ahuja College of Business served as a networking tool to nearly 50 students on Jan. 31 when a panel of six business men and women offered important insights about the health care industry.

Several components of this event separated it from other career connections the school has hosted in the past.

The panel consisted of Kim Peavy, Talent Acquisition at Cleveland Clinic, Sarah Brown, Provider Recruitment and Expansion at Metro Health and Health Care, Chavaughn Gibson, Provider Engagement and Contracting at Medical Mutual of Ohio, Patrick Day, Project Manager and Business Intelligence at Cleveland Clinic, Martin Jones Recruitment Manager, Maxim Health Information Services and Rahul Pavanan, the manager of Web Operations at Cardinal Health.

Assistant Dean of undergraduate and student services for the Monte Ahuja College of business, Anne Nelson, organized and hosted the meeting which turned out to be a pioneer event for connecting the business world at Cleveland State to the industry of health care.

“We were really excited to host this event since it is open to students of all majors and will offer a unique perspective of how majors not focused in health care or the medical field can still work in such an industry,” Nelson said.

Despite working for such well known businesses as the Cleveland Clinic and Medical Mutual, the panelists’ jobs were largely unrelated to clinical skills, bringing to light the importance of non-medical professionals in the medical industry.

While the skills learned in former paths of education were fundamental throughout their careers, the panelists were in agreement that they had not been exposed to such an industry during their schooling.

At the end, the representatives fielded questions from students and offered advice regarding their futures.
A reoccurring theme in these recommendations was one of seeking purpose. Nearly all of those present said they came to where they are today after discovering a need for a person of their skill set in a nontraditional setting.


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Business school hosts panel on health care industry

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