Deecmber 13, 2016

Soon-to-be graduates reflect on college years

By Isaac Cruz

When seniors contemplate their graduation, either in December or May, some students may reflect on their future and experiences at Cleveland State University.
A few students shared their observations as graduation rapidly approaches and their time as college students in downtown Cleveland comes to an end.

Senior Maxwell Newman, 21, a public safety management major, embraced that Cleveland State was a smaller campus than a schools like The Ohio State University.

“I feel like I’m definitely closer to a lot more people, rather than only being with a few more people,” Newman said. “I’m ready to get out and get a job. I’ve already started to apply for the police academy.”

Patrick Deguzman, 23, a health science major and a regular around the Cleveland State Recreation Center, said one of the biggest things he would miss was doing his job at the Rec and interacting with a lot of people.
“I’m excited to pursue my other career aspirations outside the medical field,” he said.

Paul All, 23, is a finance major with a minor in international business. He said the key to enjoying the college years is meeting new people and getting involved.

“Getting involved in the student organizations was big, whether it was meeting new people in my fraternity or on the volleyball team,” All said. “I met a lot of good people.”

All said he feels anxious because this is the time when everyone starts to look for a job, but is also excited because he can take what he has learned at Cleveland State into the real world.

Senior Natalie Eberhart, 23, a music therapy major said she has many fond memories, but one really stands out.

“My favorite times reflect my time being president of the Cleveland State Music Therapists,” Eberhart said. “I felt it was a really great opportunity to get involved with the campus.”

When asked how she was feeling going into the final months, she said she was feeling pretty excited.

“The way our program works is its four years in the classroom and a six-month internship,” Eberhart said.

Graphic design major Eric Peterson, 24, said he couldn’t help but rave about the number of great people he encountered at Cleveland State. As he reflected on his experience at Cleveland State, he also mentioned how much he enjoyed the classes that pertained to his major. Peterson said he feels a little bit anxious as well as excited because he’s finally finished.

Gianna Dickerson, 21, a speech pathology and audiology major, said she cherished the times she spent here. “Some of the best times when I reflect back on my years at CSU would have to be living at Fenn Tower my freshman year,” Dickerson said. “Floor six was all freshman—which was the only floor that had all freshman. We would do just a lot of crazy things, whether it was egging doors or having food fights.”

Dickerson said she is feeling anxious and is also very stressed out, but has kept things in prospective as she is applying for graduate school and looking forward to getting her diploma.



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