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Students offer their support for The Ohio State University by painting the spirit rock.


December 13, 2016

Cleveland State officers vigilant after OSU incident
By Ambrosia Luzius

The Ohio State University community and people around the world watched a thoughtful engaged logistics management major on Monday Nov. 28 being fatally shot after he injured at least 11 people.

In one semester, this smiling cheerful student looking for a place to pray transformed into someone who attempted to kill fellow students. Abdul Razak Ali Artan crashed a car into a crowd outside of Watts Hall, and then exited the vehicle stabbing several people.

Artan was shot and killed by Ohio State police officer Alan Horujko, 28, who witnessed the event and responded immediately. Cleveland State University officers are prepared to make the same instant decision.
“We continue to plan and prepare for those types of events,” said Chief Gary Lewis of the Cleveland State University Police. “It’s very important, and it’s very real and we want to make sure we are prepared.”

According to the ALICE training video prepared by the Cleveland State University Police Department, sudden changes in a person’s behavior, and perceived injustice at the hands of peers or teachers, are red-flag behavioral indicators of school violence. Authorities suggest these changes need to be reported to the police department.

The most important way to prevent violent acts on campus is, according to Lewis, “if you see something, say something.” Local law enforcement train to prepare for, and react to events like the one at The Ohio State University, but they can only respond to what is reported.

Cleveland State has more people dedicated to the safety of the campus community than most schools. “We have an increase in visibility with the campus auxiliary, and with the FBI Student Academy,” Lewis said. “We have extra eyes and ears that would have never thought of safety the way they do unless we developed these partnerships and resources.”


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