November 22, 2016

President Berkman bets mustard on World Series

Cleveland State University will have to give up a case of Cleveland’s famous Bertman Ball Park mustard to the University of Illinois at Chicago after the Cleveland Indians lost the World Series to the Chicago Cubs.

Cleveland State President Ronald Berkman and University of Illinois at Chicago Chancellor Michael Amiridis pitted their teams against each other in a friendly wager on foods famous to their cities.

Had the Indians won, University of Illinois would have owed Cleveland State a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. The Cubs took the series in seven games and now President Berkman has to pay up.

“We owe a case of Bertman mustard to Chicago, which we will send,” Berkman said.

Berkman proposed the wager to Chancellor Amiridis after Berkman won another wager with the president of Huntington University in Ontario, Canada. That friendly bet was over whether the Cleveland Indians or the Toronto Blue Jays would win the American League Championship Series and advance to the World Series. CSU won that wager and recently received its prize – a shipment of Canadian maple syrup. Berkman plans to put the syrup into good use.

“The plan is that we’re going to give [the maple syrup] to student dining services,” Berkman said. “And I’m going to go one morning and serve pancakes with the maple syrup that we won. I’d like as many students as possible to taste how sweet [the victory] is.”

Despite the Indians losing the World Series and Berkman losing his Bertman mustard wager, he said he still feels good about how far the Cleveland Indians went this season.

“I think that Cleveland should be very proud of what this team accomplished,” Berkman said. “I think that they had a great season and they got as close as you can get to the golden ring. But there’s always next year, as they say in sports.”

If there is one plus side of losing the wager and giving up a case of Bertman mustard to Chicago, Berkman knows what it is.

“We will send our Bertman mustard,” Berkman said. “And they’ll learn what real good mustard is in Chicago.”


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